2019 NCYC

2019 NCYC Clergy, Deacon, Seminarian Registration

November 21st - 23rd, 2019
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For Seminarians: Safe Environment - All volunteers must have completed a Diocesan approved youth protection program including a background check. This will be validated prior to the conference. Please provide Diocese or program name below.


Archdiocese of Indianapolis
Code of Conduct (Revised August 1, 2013)
As a community of faith, we are committed to safeguard our children and youth, the most important gifts
God has entrusted to us. The following rules and regulations reflect that commitment and apply to clergy,
employees, and volunteers.

I will:
- Safeguard children and youth entrusted to my care at all times.
- Treat everyone with respect, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.
- Complete Safe and Sacred child protection training and read quarterly online articles.
- Avoid situations where I am alone with a child or youth at church/school activities.
- Refrain from giving inappropriate, personal gifts to children or youth.
- Avoid all unnecessary physical contact, especially when alone with a minor.
- Obtain permission from a parent or guardian before contacting a minor via social media or before
posting pictures,video,and other information that may identify a minor.
- Always maintain a professional attitude when dealing with minors, avoiding emotional
attachment and being aware of the powerful attraction of adults in positions of authority.
- Report suspected child abuse to civil authorities (Indiana hotline: 800-800-5556) or to a local law
enforcement agency and to the archdiocese (victim assistance coordinator: 800-382-9836, ext.1548).
Report any violations of this code of conduct to the victim assistance coordinator.
Confidential reports to the archdiocese can also be made online at
www.archdioceseofindianapolis.ethicspoint.com. You do not have to give your name.
- Cooperate fully in any investigation of abuse of children and/or youth.

I will not:
- Communicate any views contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
- Use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol while overseeing youth at any church/school activities.
- Use, possess, or be under the influence of illegal drugs
- Allow minors to have and/or use alcohol or illegal drugs
- Use profanity or engage in behavior that is harassing or degrading to others.
- Allow minors to have, or assist them in gaining access to, pornographic or inappropriate websites,movies,or
printed materials.

I understand and will abide by the rules and guidelines in this Code of Conduct.